Apart than our ISO-9001, Turkish MOH Regulations & TUV certification, our Quality Indicators comprise three core measure areas: prevention, patient safety, and care. The measures were originally developed for several purposes, including quality improvement, pay-for-performance, and public health monitoring. Three of these indicator sets are considered appropriate and useful for public reports as well:

Quality Policy

Pursuant to our managerial approach and quality policy, Medica Medical Center:

  • Take into consideration the requirements, expectations, and rights of our patients, employees and all stakeholders in the way we carry out our services,
  • Work in line with laws, regulations and occupational ethics,
  • Pay strict attention to the satisfaction of our patients, family members, and loved ones as well as our fellow employees,
  • Take necessary measures to ensure continuous improvement of our patient care standards,
  • Use up-to-date information technology,
  • Place emphasis on improving the aptitudes of fellow employees,
  • Aim to transfer our carefully crafted systems, our specific corporate culture and our dignified empathic approach to future generations,

Environmental Policy

The goal of the Medica Clinics is to leave a clean environment for future generations. For this purpose:

  • We work in line with laws and regulations concerning environmental protection, local and international standards and provisions of accreditations.
  • We determine, monitor and check environmental factors to minimize the adverse environmental risks stemming from the processes of examination, diagnosis, and treatment and we continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • We strive to increase environmental awareness in all our patients, their family members, employees, contractors, suppliers and the society that we interact with as well as our stakeholders.
  • We ensure the sustainability of care quality, while medical and other waste is disposed of thoughtfully in line with environmental principles; we investigate and implement all means to prevent pollution. We value recyclable waste initiatives, and we use natural resources conscientiously and efficiently.

Information Security Policy

In order to ensure the sustainability of the healthcare services that we deliver and to protect our information assets, Medica Medical Center;

  • Safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of all assets that are subject to information security standards.
  • Fulfill all provisions of laws, regulations, and standards related to information security and continuously look to improve all of the above.
  • Manage all internal/external risks that threaten our information assets in a systematic manner and record all adverse events that may influence our information security and adopt corrective measures immediately.
  • Enter into confidentiality agreements with our employees and the third parties that supply goods and services.
  • Ensure the security of our systems with customized physical and technical policies.
  • Organize training and education to improve technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase the awareness and functionality of our information security systems.



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