Human Dimension in Medicine

I am thrilled to lead Medica Medical Center as its founding president especially now, at a time of exciting growth and possibilities.

Medica Medical Center’s top-ranked physicians, expertise, and team members have been engaging in world-class care, cutting-edge treatments, and innovative applications for well over a two-decades. The clinic has evolved in response to contemporary challenges and opportunities, while advancing steadily in its mission to improve human health and well-being.

Today Medica Medical Center is poised to build on this rich legacy and become a triple threat in diagnosis, imaging & treatments—renowned for its commitment for ‘Care. Commitment. Ethic.’

Murat Dincer, President


Our Clinic is only as good as it’s staff and employees. That is why we have selected a group of dedicated experts, giving them additional vocational and in-work training to refine their skill and experience in order that international patients are treated not only as patients, but as honored guests whose particular needs and concerns are addressed with sensitivity and respect. Between them, our team speak a total of several languages. But we need to speak not only the language of our international patients and their loved ones, but also act in a culturally sensitive and compassionate manner. After all, the process of diagnosis and treatment is greatly improved when our guests are at ease, fully informed, and able to discuss every aspect of their procedures.

Aysenur Dincer Hanagasioglu , CEO


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