Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment

Most people who turn to Medica Medical Center for help with serious conditions benefit from the exceptional care, advanced technology and expertise of the Department of Radiology & Imaging. Radiologists are doctors who specialize in using imaging technology to diagnose and treat people with a wide range of difficult-to-diagnose and complex conditions. Successful treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis, and our experts take the time to get it right. A team of specialists will listen to your needs and evaluate your condition from every angle to make the very best treatment plan for you.

Medica Medical Center has one of the largest radiology practices in the region and Turkey. They and their teams work together to provide innovative, high-quality imaging, diagnosis and treatment services in a caring, safe and efficient environment.

Collaborative care, focused on you

Medica Medical Center radiologists work closely with many medical specialty areas to make sure you get exactly the care you need. Depending on your situation, your care team may include radiologists and other doctors, including those trained in Cardiology, Neurology, ENT, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Urology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Endocrinology, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Hematology, Dermatology, Reconstructive Surgeries, Cardiovascular Surgeries, Chest Diseases.

Radiologists and physicists work with skilled technologists and nurses to efficiently provide imaging services. This means your test results are usually available quickly, and appointments are scheduled in coordination. Highly specialized experts are working together for you. What might take weeks or even months to accomplish elsewhere can typically be done in a matter of hours or days at Medica Medical Center.

Advanced imaging technologies

Medica Medical Center radiologists use advanced imaging technology, which is key to ensuring you receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Many of these innovative testing and imaging methods are available at very few medical centers. Our clinic installed some devices before than any other centers such a Siemens 3T MRI scanner with BioMatrix Technology (vida), Multislice Siemens CT-1152 Somatom Force, Siemens Ultrasound- Sequoia, Siemens High-Definition Breast Tomosynthesis, Siemens Colour Doppler Ultrasound, Siemens PETCT, Siemens Bone Densitometry.

Innovative therapies are an integral part of the Medica Department of Radiology. The Department of Radiology is also a leader in the field of imaging & diagnosis.

Medica Medical Center ‘s commitment to offering the most advanced imaging technology is based in a long history of seeking out or developing imaging innovations that improve patient care. More than 20 years ago, Medica Medical Center was the first medical institution in Istanbul to offer CT exams. A few more of the clinic’s many imaging milestones include:

*The first & only Siemens medical device parkour

*The first dual-source CT scanner

*One of the first medical institutions to install a PET/MRI scanner with new PET detector technology in region.

A team dedicated to your safety monitors how these advanced imaging technologies are used for your diagnosis and treatment.


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