Multislice Ct Flash 256


Through the high scanning speed of SOMATOM Definition Flash, now it is possible to scan rib cage, heart or both at the same time in less than one second.

As Somatom Definition Flash incorparates double-side CT source, two X-ray tube can circle around the body of the patient at the same time. Thus the patients do not have to hold their breath longer during the operation as they used to do.

The exceptional speed of SOMATOM Definition Flash introduces big advantages in surveys on moving structures such as heart and rib cage. The patient moves in CT tube twice as much as compared to conventional lower dose than the radiation obtained in the conventional systems. For the first time ever, heart can be surveyed by being subject to a radiation level which is three times lower than a person absorbs radiation naturally in one year.


X-care practice is another technical development that subjects the patients to low radiation as much as dose electively in sections with anatomic dose sensitivity such as women cancers.

MEDICA has the honor of being the first in Istanbul to have a 16 raw Detector Multislice CT. The Sensation 16 is one of the rarest, but yet highest technological pieces of imaging equipment in the world. It is recognized worldwide due to its capability to provide faster imaging. It has the ability to carry out an entire body image in 15-20 seconds and lets production of high quality 3-dimensional images. Several cross sections are available in a very short time in comparison to previous versions of spiral tomography which are still new in Turkey. This system is very important in the assessment of the lungs, heart and coronary arteries. It gives physicians the opportunity to diagnose cancer at an early phase since it can draw attention to minor findings on lung tissue that may be difficult to differentiate or may not be seen in conventional sections. Patients only need to hold their breath for 15 seconds during this test. The use of conventional angiography for the imaging of coronary arteries is commonly used throughout the world. While this technique is common, it does have some risks.


Research has been done to find a new, non-invasive replacement for this system and the Multislice CT has shown successful results. In addition to decreasing risk for the patient, the imaging results of coronary arteries are also improved. These results are based on evidence from samples taken at MEDICA and in other recognized imaging centers all over the world. Similar results can be found in scientific publications.

The Multislice CT technique has also improved the assessment of abdominal organs. It provides an image of the detailed cross sections of abdominal organs which was not possible with previous techniques. Since the image is taken in very tiny cross sections, error is minimized. During this procedure, the patient only needs to hold his/her breath for 10-15 seconds. Another important feature of the 16 raw Detector Multislice CT is the imaging of peripheric vessels in the arms and legs. Using this technique, conventional catether angiography and the injection of medications into the groin area are no longer necessary. Instead, contrast is injected into the veins in the arm and peripheric vessels can be seen in just a few seconds. The technology of this system can also be applied to other areas. For example, this equipment is especially important in detailed tests for the early diagnosis of lung cancer. Furthermore, the probability of a heart attack can be easily determined by measuring the calcium storage in coronary arteries. It also allows for the examination of the filtering functions of the kidneys. The multislice CT is very versatile and allows physicians to make a proper diagnosis in many critical areas.

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