Exercıse Treadmıll Tests (Ett)

During ETT we measure and assess the electrical activity of the heart during exercise measuring stress. We have different stages of the ETT, with different speed and inclinations where the patients effort is measured by METS. During the test the demand of the heart for blood is increased and the coronary flow is incresed, when somebody has a blockage, we can identifty the problem on ECG during ETT by analyzing the certain segments of the ECG. But there are two other purposes of the exercise tread-mill testing: The one is the stress related HTN where the excessive augmentation of the BP during the ETT can identify the patients in danger for stroke and MI. The other one are the arrhythmias induced during the ETT due to increased adrenaline level in blood where during resting these levels are normal and there is no arrhythmia.

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