Eco-Stress Echocardıography

Echocardiography is the ultrasound of the heart which uses sound waves reflected by the RBC and giving us the structure of the heart measuring the anatomy, but also the other structures like the heart muscle and its function. The ejection fraction is the determination of the pump function showing how much blood is ejected by every beat towards the aorta, at the same time we can measure the relaxation and elasticity named as diastolic function. On the other hand we can assess the heart valves their narrowing (stenosis) or their insufficiency (regurgitation). We can see the pericardium and its thickening. The fluid betwen the two pericardia (pericardial effusion) and their tumors of the heart which occur usually on the right side of the heart. The holes in the heart and the other congenital anomalies are easily seen in the ECHO and we can measure the shunt volume etc.

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