3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance (MR)


In the images obtained with MAGNETOM Skyra 3T MR system, resolution is increased while thinner cross-sections can be formed. It delivers clarity in image, anatomic patalogical details and thus it provides an increasing level in diagnosis. The MR System,
which implements an unprecedented imaging power, has a width of 70 cm and is a system with the shortest tunnel. With the short, wide tunnel and shorthening the imaging time without making any concessions about imaging quality, delivers comfort to patients and it prevents the decrease of the artefacts about movement in moving organs and the disruption of resolution by preserving the quality. MAGNETOM Skyra, which will transform the operating style in MR imaging completely, helps the patients to adapt themselves to protocols rapidly according to their status and clinical symptoms.

3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance (MR) is used in the following areas;
Neurological diagnosis
Internal medicine and surgical diagnosis
Orthopedic diagnosis
Physical therapy and rehabilitation
Sports medicine
Assessment of the thorax, abdominal organs and urogenital
systems as well as the vascular system.

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